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Marketing our client’s new mobile health clinics through state-of-the-art virtual reality video.
We’ve put a whole new perspective on medical marketing for one mobile health clinical thanks to our 3D 360 virtual reality video capabilities. Matrix Medical Network wanted to announce the launch of their new mobile health clinic fleet, the largest in the nation, which resulted from their acquisition of HealthFair. However, there was no physical way to bring the 40-foot “clinic on wheels” to this client’s most important industry tradeshow—the RISE risk management conference.

Fortunately, Activate Health had an idea that would allow Matrix to make a splash at RISE and generate unprecedented excitement around the new mobile fleet. We developed a 2-minute virtual reality video that walks viewers through an entire mobile health clinic, including private laboratory and assessment rooms, a fully-stocked treatment room with ultrasound equipment, and a 9-person waiting room area complete with a pullout.

This virtual reality video detailed all of the ways that Matrix engages health plan members, while adding excitement and visual interest to their patient support and education processes. It walks viewers through each room, pointing out the sophisticated equipment and staff members involved in closing gaps in care and improving health outcomes.

Hundreds of conference attendees viewed the 3D medical marketing video, which will eventually be placed on the client’s website to explain how their engagement model drives unsurpassed engagement levels. Incredibly, the entire video was completed—from script development to video shoot and post production—in just four weeks. Matrix also leveraged the video for numerous PR and social media opportunities, reaching healthcare organizations across the industry!

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