Tradeshow Booth


Developing a tradeshow strategy for long term care insurance marketing and sales support.

Healthcare and insurance marketing has always included a heavy emphasis on tradeshow and conference support. Many companies invest a lot of their time, capital and energy into these conferences, making the events a critical piece of their marketing objectives. LTCG, a leading insurance administrator, needed a comprehensive conference strategy that included development of a 20’ x20’ tradeshow booth along with supplemental sales and marketing materials that could be distributed to life and long term care insurers at large industry tradeshows. Its insurance marketing team also required assistance and support with coordination around these events—determining the technical, marketing and operational needs for these events, and flawlessly executing on a variety of tactics. These included everything from organizing a client dinner to promotion of their conference attendance via email blasts and social media. Fortunately, Activate Health is more than just a traditional advertising agency—we’re also a consultative marketing firm willing to go the extra mile for our clients, even serving as key members of their marketing team. As a result, we were able to fulfill all of these needs, while also developing compelling creative for a booth and sales kit along the way!

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